- P341Small 3D Walking Pedometer

The CSX P341 is a fully featured 3D silent pedometer in a small size. It can be discreetly positioned anywhere – clip to your hip, inside a pocket, bra, bag or purse using the detachable soft touch strong silicone jacket clip or lanyard.

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Tracks step count, distance travelled (miles or km), calories burned, active minutes – set your stride length and weight for accurate personal readings.

Track Your Activity Accurately:

Silent 3D Tri Axis accurate walk sensor technology so it won’t miscount steps. You can position it anywhere convenient.

Reach Your Goals

Set your daily step target. The pedometer displays a progress bar for easy viewing and shows how many steps you have done so far in comparison to your daily step target.

This makes it easier for you to make more informed decisions throughout the day and find ways to walk more steps and achieve your goal at the end of the day.


Walk Sensor Technology

To avoid counting sudden movements as steps, the counter will not count any movement less than 10 consecutive steps.

7-Day Memory

Automatically resets at midnight and stores 7 days of activity into memory including your daily steps, distance and activity, so you can keep motivated and track your progress.

Battery Included

CR2032 Battery should last approximately 1 year. Pedometer auto sleeps when you are not moving and auto wakes and counts steps as soon as you start moving.

In The Box

  • CSX P341 3D Pedometer
  • Detachable Silicone Jacket Clip
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Battery – 1x CR-2032
  • Instruction book

Available for download: Large PDF print version of the instructions. Video instructions walking you through how to setup your pedometer step by step. (Click on the instructions tab at the top of the page to download)


To get the most from using your pedometer and to get active walking every day it’s important to stay motivated and know how to slowly build up your fitness levels without causing injuries. Patrick Dale, renowned fitness writer, ex-marine, fitness trainer and author of three fitness books has written an eBook especially for CSX pedometer customers. The book is designed to help you get the most from walking and is suitable for all fitness levels. It includes how to get started walking, warming up and cooling down exercises, how to make progress, how to avoid and treat injuries, staying motivated, nutrition, clean eating, and taking your walking to the next level. A link to download the eBook is included on the front page of the pedometer instructions included inside the box.


Weight: 16g

Dimensions: 43x35x12mm

Sensor: Tri-axis

Error Correction: 10 steps


  • Step count
  • Activity time
  • Calories
  • Distance in km / miles
  • Target Achievement
  • Silent 3D pedometer tri-axis walking sensor with 10 steps error correction sensor.
  • Monitor: Step Count, Activity Time, Calories, Distance in miles / km, Automatic 7 Day memory.
  • Reach Your Goals: Target steps with progress bar for easy viewing
  • Double line LCD display
  • Clock with 12/24 hours display format

18 Months Limited Warranty

The CSX – P341 Small 3D Walking Pedometer includes an 18 month limited warranty from the date you purchased. We take care of any defects or malfunctions with a REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND FREE OF CHARGE.

Click button below to download the full warranty card details and how to get service.

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Instructions and Setup

Click on the button below to download a large print version of the CSX – P341 Small 3D Walking Pedometer Instructions.

Download Instruction Manual

Please also visit our CSX – P341 Small 3D Walking Pedometer knowledgebase of articles in the support area where we provide additional tips and troubleshooting information for the CSX – P341 Small 3D Walking Pedometer.

Video 1 - SETUP