Double Unders by Luke (12 years old) with a CSX Pro Speed 3000 Skipping Rope

We would like to say a big thank you to Luke (12 years old) for sending us his video using the CSX Pro 3000 Skipping Rope for the first time. – This was literally his first attempt after the rope was set up with the length for his height – straight into Double Unders! – Well done Luke keep it up and you will soon be doing 100 DUs!

Here you can find out more about the CSX Pro 3000 and also the new CSX Pro XL version of the rope.


  • Available in Black, Red, Blue
  • 5” smooth turning ball bearing handles
  • 10ft / 3m Length suitable for a height up to 6ft 6”
  • Fully adjustable to any height smaller than 6ft 6”
  • 2.5mm thin wire cable rope coated in plastic
  • Tangle proof cable packaged in a round coil to prevent bends, kinks or damage to your rope while shipping
  • For indoor use only (Note: If you skip outside, we recommend that you use a rubber or interlocking gym mat to prevent the wire from wearing out. This will also provide you with some cushioning if you are jumping on a hard surface)